Hamilton & Hamilton is delighted to offer a range of editing services to you. Yet, no matter which service you choose, you can be certain of our continuing commitment to a personal and confidential service.

Your Journal Manuscript

The peer-reviewed journal article is the life-blood of academia. Hamilton & Hamilton is able to proofread and edit your paper to ensure that its grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity and fluency is suitable for publication in academic journals of international standing. Our guarantee is that a paper you have had edited by us will never be rejected by a journal purely on grounds of language.

Your Postgraduate Thesis

With this service, you can be sure that the English in your thesis will be of the quality demanded by the award of a postgraduate degree. Since we understand that your postgraduate thesis can have a direct impact on your future career, you can rest assured that all postgraduate theses (MA/MSc/MPhil/PhD) are edited solely by our most experienced editors.

Your Book-length Manuscript

An academic book is the crowning achievement of independent scholarly research. Hamilton & Hamilton are able to proofread and edit your manuscript to ensure that the language used in your book is suitable for submission to your preferred publisher. Unlike research postgraduate theses, all book-length manuscripts are overseen by the managing editor of Hamilton & Hamilton.

Fiction Manuscript Editing

Our fiction manuscript editing service involves working closely with a Creative Writing postgraduate who will give detailed advice on how to make your manuscript ready to publish. Advice will be offered across a range of topics including plot and structure, voice and style, pace and tension, and characterisation.


It is usually that which we put off until the very last moment, but the index is a vital part of your academic book. Choose whether you would prefer a simple or comprehensive index, let us know what return schedule you would prefer, and our expert indexers will get to work compiling the index for you.